Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility and Safety
Carlton Hotel Singapore is dedicated to promoting and upholding the highest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards in all our business endeavours. 
We are committed to ensuring every guest feels welcomed and treated respectfully. It is a continuous effort to extend this hospitality spirit to our communities.
Our mission seamlessly aligns our core values with a strong commitment to the community and the environment. We strive to harmonise our business operations with social responsibilities, actively pursuing environmental sustainability to minimise our ecological footprint. Our comprehensive policy integrates accessibility, guest safety, green initiatives, community support and creating fair career development opportunities while emphasising service excellence to meet evolving industry and corporate goals.
Furthermore, as a hotel, we actively participate in community activities to make a positive difference. 

Key Policy Sections

We ensure equitable access to hotel amenities, encompassing designated parking, accessible entrances, accommodations, and assisting guests with disabilities, among other considerations.

Guest Safety
In our commitment to guest safety, we prioritise well-illuminated and secure facilities, maintain a 24-hour staff presence, and conduct continuous safety training for all team members. We emphasise fire prevention, emergency preparedness, and swift responses to accidents or illnesses. Additionally, we collaborate with guests by providing clear safety information, accessible fire extinguishers, and robust security measures. Our visitor management strategies aim to deter unwanted visitors, underscoring our commitment to hotel security and minimising risks associated with unauthorised access.

Green Initiatives
Our commitment to environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our CSR policy, focusing on reducing consumption and optimising energy and waste management efficiency. We employ practical measures such as dual flush toilets, dedicated recycling units, and low-energy light bulbs to minimise our ecological footprint. Our preference for recycled materials and sustainable resources underscores our dedication to responsible practices. 
In our pursuit of environmental conservation, we actively promote paper recycling, encourage towel reuse, and strive to minimise water and electricity consumption. Our initiatives encompass bulk purchasing, digital communication, and robust recycling programs.
To manage hazardous substances responsibly, we prioritise reducing the use of harmful chemicals and ensure staff are well-trained in their responsible handling. Our operational processes incorporate environmentally friendly products.
Community engagement is integral to our corporate social responsibility. We are committed to minimising harmful emissions and promoting responsible business conduct. Through various initiatives, we actively support local communities and prioritise the utilisation of local produce in our operations. This commitment is evidenced by our accolades, such as the BCA Green Mark Award.

Community Support
Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply anchored in integrity, sustainability, and inclusivity principles. We proactively participate in community support initiatives, providing educational and employment opportunities to individuals from various backgrounds, including those with disabilities and families with lower incomes.
Acknowledging our pivotal role within the community, the hotel contributes vital support through financial donations to numerous community activities and charitable organisations.

Fair Employment
As an employer, we uphold these principles to embrace equitable employment practices: We choose and recruit employees based on merit, evaluating factors such as skills, experience, and job proficiency without bias related to age, race, gender, religion, marital status, family responsibilities, or disability.

Furthermore, we offer all employees an equal opportunity to be considered for training and development based on their strengths and needs, facilitating their journey toward realising their full potential. We ensure that employees are fairly rewarded, taking into account their abilities, performance, contribution, and experience.
In addition, we actively endorse progressive employment services for mature employees through strategic efforts in job redesign.

Carlton Hotel Singapore is committed to a comprehensive CSR approach across all operations.